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This store is run by Karate-ka, for Karate-ka. This means we are in touch with what you want, we listen to what you want. Keep an eye out for more surveys, in the spirit of OSU NO SEISHIN, we will continuosly strive to improve our business and service to you.

To keep updated on all the changes as they happen, register for our newsletter (just to your left), or sign up to be a member and be eligible for exclusive specials and discounts (sign up box is top right of your screen). If you are a Dan grade, make sure you let us know!

Enjoy your stay, we look forward to serving you!



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Kyokushin T-Shirt - Unisex
Martial Arts Headband
Cut Finger Bag Mitt
kyokushin cap
Judges Bean Bag
Wine Cooler
Kyokushin Lanyard
Kyokushin Sports Towel
Kyokushin Mug
Dojo Kun Plaque
Wall Scroll
wall scrolls
Australian flag
Jigsaw Puzzle
Japnese Flag
Kyokushin Karate Drink Bottle
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Budoshop offers great Karate equipment for kyokushin karate and karate. Buy kyokushin bag, karate gi, karate dogi.